Dimitri Belobokov – Partner

"What makes Stern Stewart special for me? The people: individual personalities with the most diverse backgrounds, just like myself."

Classical music instead of a classic resume…

I think I inherited my enthusiasm for music from my father, who is a pianist. I was born and raised in Moscow. After my school education I graduated as a conductor from the state conservatory of music. Of course, this period was also very exciting due to changes in my home country and due to the fall of the iron curtain. I witnessed the emergence of democracy and a developing market economic system. This ignited my interest in business correlations. During a concert tour I got to know and fall in love with Germany, which is why I continued my studies in business administration in Stuttgart, which I had started in Moscow. Then came a time when I had to play different roles: language student, student, choir master, intern and student trainee in a large automotive supplier, consultant intern and working on my diploma thesis within the company, and finally, a young professional! As diverse as my interests were, so was my position as a consultant with Stern Stewart...

Consulting lives on personalities!

I was very lucky to contribute to the growth of our company while developing my own personal growth at the same time. In the meantime I am not only a consultant, but I have also become a partner. I consider myself extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be a key player in our company. As head of human resource development, I support young colleagues, which is for me one of the "noblest" jobs: meeting highly diverse people, working together on specific weaknesses and promoting strengths, and accompanying young colleagues as they grow. From my own personal experience, I can say that it is especially the individual CVs, and not the mainstream ones, that give our consultants their own personality and make our company something special for ourselves and for our clients. 

  • About me

    - Trained as a conductor in Moscow (Russia)
    - Studied business management and computer science at the University of Stuttgart
      and the University of Economics in Moscow (Russia)
    - Before working as a consultant, position in a large German industrial corporation in
    - Married with two children
    - Position on the supervisory board of Louis Dreyfus Holding B.V., Amsterdam

  • My career at Stern Stewart

    - Began working at Stern Stewart as a Financial Analyst after having acquired my
      university diploma in 2001
    - Since 2010, partner and also co-owner, as well as responsible for human resource  
      development within the company, in addition to project activities
    - Focus: Expert for the development of financial control systems, for the development
      and implementation of initiatives for performance enhancement and cash generation
      as well as for restructuring and program management issues