Fabian von Feilitzsch - Vice President

Shaping the company and being an entrepreneur, be it at the customer or in one’s own company – that’s Stern Stewart for me

From trainee to project manager

During my university studies I knew I wanted to work in consulting. Several traineeships and my work at INSTEAD (a student-run business consultancy) paved my way into consulting. Stern Stewart convinced me not just of the profession, but also of the fact that despite long working hours and high demands consultancy can be combined with a positive and collegial environment. Since starting as a trainee I have become a project manager and am happy about the growing responsibilities and the opportunity to have a hand in actively shaping my company.

Manager and entrepreneur in one – Taking advantage of special areas

As a project manager you have to balance the interests of clients, partners and the team to deliver a top performance. Sensitivity and organizational talent – two characteristics of a good manager – are constantly in demand.

Moreover, entrepreneurship plays a very important role at Stern Stewart. For me that means identifying special areas and shaping them freely. This is how I continually advanced our knowledge management in recent years and designed new concepts in marketing. And then there is a special area which I feel strongly about: As part of the Stern Stewart Institute I look after our beekeeper training center in Burkina Faso and combine entrepreneurial thinking with social commitment.

According to Schumpeter, it is the entrepreneurs and managers who through innovation pursue “creative destruction” to create things new and revolutionize organizations from the inside out. Stern Stewart allows me to fulfill both roles.

  • About me

    - Studied Economics at the University of Passau and at Trinity College Dublin
    - Languages: English and French

    - Passions: I am active with the Johanniter in my free time, and volunteer in holiday
      camps for handicapped children or in campaigns for countries in need. Music is
      also an important part of my life.

  • My path at Stern Stewart

    - 2008 Traineeship at Stern Stewart
    - 2009 Hired on by Stern Stewart and still work there
    - In 2012 promoted to manager
    - Main topics: Optimizing finance functions in divisions of major corporations,
      involving setup and optimization of controlling and/reporting systems,
      repositioning in the areas processes and organization, strategy and investment,
      portfolio optimization, remuneration systems, cost-cutting programs and
      restructuring overhead costs, commissioning